Save Time And Money With Torq Sticks

All shop owners want to save time because time is money – right? One way to save time is to get a set of Accutorq Torq Sticks. They allow you to quickly reference the guide chart to determine which stick to choose, and then just pull it out and use it. These Torq Sticks will … Continue reading “Save Time And Money With Torq Sticks”

USPS Purchases AccuTorq Torq Sticks

Auto shop owners and fleet service managers who are looking to speed up productivity get an edge with the AccuTorq Torq Sticks. OEM’s choose them too. After getting the vehicle up on the Car Lift, the user to simply references a chart with a color code for any specific make and model vehicle. Then choose … Continue reading “USPS Purchases AccuTorq Torq Sticks”