Auto Shop Equipment Essentials – Part 6

Part 6 of our Auto Shop Equipment Essentials list is spotlighting Parts Washers. No shop can do without at least some type of Parts Cleaner. There are constant questions customers have when it comes to parts cleaners. The most common is – What type should I get? The answer to that question requires some follow up questions from … Continue reading “Auto Shop Equipment Essentials – Part 6”

Auto Shop Safety And Workers Comp Issues – Part 3

This is part 3 of a three part series – Switch over to an aqueous Parts Washer. It’s about time. Those old solvent based parts washers use hazardous petroleum based solvents and detergents that are at least somewhat hazardous, and in many cases, very hazardous. At the very least, it’s not good to have it … Continue reading “Auto Shop Safety And Workers Comp Issues – Part 3”