Aluminum Frame Truck VS Steel Frame Auto

Ford has made quite a stir recently with their new aluminum frame F150 pick-up truck. And why not? It’s an innovative idea that has origins in sound logic. Aluminum is much lighter than steel. It’s actually about half the weight of an equivalent quantity of steel. So if an automobile is manufactured with an aluminum frame, … Continue reading “Aluminum Frame Truck VS Steel Frame Auto”

Auto Shop Owners – Dealing With Repeat Problems

Repeat  problems can be a big hassle for many auto shop owners. All shops see them. But how do you deal with them? How you deal with them is the most important factor in retaining your loyal customers. After all, you risk your customers seeing you as unwilling to repair a problem, or worse yet,  incompetant. If you … Continue reading “Auto Shop Owners – Dealing With Repeat Problems”

Car Buyer Trends That Will Increase Your Profits

The jokes about people deciding on which car to purchase based on how many cup holders it has aren’t that far off after all. According to a recent study, these accessories factor in to the consumer’s decision making process more than you would realize. Recent research from Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) shows that options … Continue reading “Car Buyer Trends That Will Increase Your Profits”

Auto Manufacturers Using Alternative Refrigerants

The quest to find an alternative AC refrigerant for automotive Air conditioning systems is growing legs as GM is the latest auto manufacturer to announce that it will be using a new refrigerant, HF-1234yf,  in many of their main auto models. The move is going to happen in 2013, as numerous models will make the shift, including … Continue reading “Auto Manufacturers Using Alternative Refrigerants”

Your Auto Shop Garage And Liability

Auto shop owners and car dealership service department heads have a major consideration when it comes to liability insurance. There are the obvious coverages that you will purchase on your liability policy, such as incidents that happen on the premises, whether it be damage to a customers vehicle caused by a careless service technician, or … Continue reading “Your Auto Shop Garage And Liability”

Are Bargain Generic Replacement Parts Worth The Risk?

It can be tempting for auto shop owners and consumers alike to take the cheap route and purchase inexpensive aftermarket replacement parts. There is no shortage. There is a glut of these parts that have come from questionable sources and are readily available for purchase in any number of venues. Many of these aftermarket generic parts are … Continue reading “Are Bargain Generic Replacement Parts Worth The Risk?”

Watch Out For Fraud At The Scene Of A Car Accident

Automobile Accidents can be a stressful event. The last thing you need to worry about after a car accident is fraud perpetrated by unscrupulous repair shops or tow truck drivers. The NICB (National Insurance Crime Bureau) has recently put out a checklist to help the unwary accident victim from becoming a victim once again to … Continue reading “Watch Out For Fraud At The Scene Of A Car Accident”

Ways To Increase Your Auto Repair Shop’s Revenue – Part 3

Part Three of a three part series – Get rid of dead wood. If an employee isn’t working out, get rid of him. If you want to give to charities, great, but do it in your personal time. Don’t blow money on an unmotivated employee. Especially in this labor market. There are plenty of hard working … Continue reading “Ways To Increase Your Auto Repair Shop’s Revenue – Part 3”

New Trend For Auto Shops – Self Service

Being in the automotive service equipment sales business for over 14 years now, we’ve seen a lot. One trend we’ve been seeing more frequently lately is the self service auto shop. This is an interesting idea that we think will catch on more and more in the future as car owners who want to save money.  It … Continue reading “New Trend For Auto Shops – Self Service”

Biofuels Gain Further Foothold In Automotive Industry

Whiskey is the latest Bio fuel ingredient that will be available for vehicle consumption in Europe. Scottish scientists at Edinburgh Napier University have done research in the area of bio-fuels recently and came up with a Whiskey based bio-fuel that shows promise. The fuel is actually made from the by-products of the alcohol, not the alcohol itself. … Continue reading “Biofuels Gain Further Foothold In Automotive Industry”