Much To Be Thankful For

In these tough economic times, It can sometimes be difficult to look through all the negative news you hear on the TV each evening. The unemployment rate has remained over 9% the entire year. Many car dealerships have closed down due to the auto manufacturers consolidating. They’ve closed up shop and sold off all of … Continue reading “Much To Be Thankful For”

Common Misleading Claims Made By Auto Lift Manufacturers

Many bargain car lift manufacturers who cannot claim that their lifts are ALI Certified try to make misleading claims that are meant to distract you from the fact that their lifts are inferior to an ALI Certified lift. Here are some of those most common misleading claims – • Claims that state their lifts “Meet or … Continue reading “Common Misleading Claims Made By Auto Lift Manufacturers”

Bend Pak Lift Engineering

Excellence in Engineering BendPak has an engineering staff of seven full time engineers who constantly design, test, and evaluate automotive lifts. BendPak lifts have evolved and changed over the course of the past 40 years not because they had to, but because they are always improving the design and structural stability of their lifts to … Continue reading “Bend Pak Lift Engineering”

More Types of Automotive Lifts – Part 2

Our previous post began with the different types of Automotive Lifts on the market today. We outlined two different types of lifts – In-Ground Lifts and Two Post Lifts. This time, we will feature two other types of popular car lifts – the Four Post Lift and the Full Rise, Low Rise and Mid Rise … Continue reading “More Types of Automotive Lifts – Part 2”

Another Hollywood Automotive Lift Connection – MIB III

We’ve told you in the past about all the different Hollywood flicks we’ve supplied auto shop equipment to over the past 14 years. These productions require all kinds of support, including a full service auto maintenance facility. And when they do, they frequently come to At least Disney, Sony Pictures and Columbia Pictures do. … Continue reading “Another Hollywood Automotive Lift Connection – MIB III”

New Extra High Lifting Four Post Automotive Lift

Home Hobbyist four post lift customers have had the choice of an extra high lifting model for several years now. They typically desire the extra lifting height because they want to park a taller vehicle underneath and another car on top. If you’ve got a taller automobile, like an SUV or truck, and you need to park … Continue reading “New Extra High Lifting Four Post Automotive Lift”

Car Lifts And ALI Certification

You hear us tell you all the time about BendPak Car Lifts and truck lifts being ALI Certified. But what exactly does it mean when a lift is ALI Certified? It means a lot. An automotive lift that has the ALI gold seal of approval shows that it has undergone a set of rigorous tests … Continue reading “Car Lifts And ALI Certification” New TechShop Magazine Ad has been around for 14 years now. And in that time frame, we have advertised in a wide variety of media, including on-line and print media. We also have a catalog that we mail out. The trade publications we advertise in can be categorized into two categories – Professional and home / hobbyist. Some of … Continue reading “ New TechShop Magazine Ad” Latest Hollywood Connection – The Other Guys

We’ve been very busy lately. In previous posts, we’ve shown you many customers pictures and testimonials. We have also shown you some of the Hollywood movies that we’ve supplied automotive lifts to. The latest major film production that has purchased a Car Lift from Automotive Service Equipment, ( ) is a soon-to-be-released comedy called The Other Guys. The … Continue reading “ Latest Hollywood Connection – The Other Guys”