Automotive Lift Inspection Recommendations

Auto shop owners and individuals who own an Automotive Lift should inspect their lifts on a regular basis. There are monthly maintenance checks as well as daily safety checks you should inspect for each day. Most reputable car lift manufacturers include an owner’s manual which should outline a recommended checklist of routine inspection points. The … Continue reading “Automotive Lift Inspection Recommendations”

Lift Buyers – Beware Fraudulent Certification Claims

The Automotive Lift Institute (ALI) has warned that they have received specific reports that certain lift manufacturers are making false claims that their lifts are ALI Certified. Reports have surfaced in several areas, including England as well as the USA of lift distributors making these misleading claims. ALI has a special page on their web site dedicated … Continue reading “Lift Buyers – Beware Fraudulent Certification Claims”

BendPak HD9 Four Post Lift – Motor Options

This is probably the most common question when customers purchase our BendPak HD-9 Four Post Lift. Should I get a 220 Volt motor, or a 120 volt motor? What’s the difference? Well, to begin with, the price is the same, so don’t worry about price. With price not being a consideration, the next factor to be … Continue reading “BendPak HD9 Four Post Lift – Motor Options”

Preventative Maintenance

Modern  car engines are so technologically advanced these days that the regular DIY guys are sometimes found scratching their heads wondering what half the parts are under the hood. Water pumps are one of the few parts of the modern automotive engine that is still pretty straightforward. They haven’t changed much over the years. In the … Continue reading “Preventative Maintenance”

Save Time And Money With Torq Sticks

All shop owners want to save time because time is money – right? One way to save time is to get a set of Accutorq Torq Sticks. They allow you to quickly reference the guide chart to determine which stick to choose, and then just pull it out and use it. These Torq Sticks will … Continue reading “Save Time And Money With Torq Sticks”

Customer Car Lift Modification

We always share with you our customer pictures when customers are kind enough to share their experience and feedback with us. In this case, the customer is Karl Wilen out of Olatha, KS.  He purchasedour BendPak MD-6XP Mid Rise Lift. This lift is extremely popular with the home / hobbyist crowd, because it’s got the features … Continue reading “Customer Car Lift Modification”

Dannmar Lift Price Increase Coming March 1st

Customers who were on the market for a Dannmar Two Post Lift, Four Post Lift, or MaxJax portable two post lift – Listen Carefully!  The manufacturer, Dannmar, has a significant price increase coming March 1st. This increase is going to be one of the most dramatic price increases we’ve ever seen by any of our … Continue reading “Dannmar Lift Price Increase Coming March 1st”

Sneak Peak At New BendPak Lift Models – Part 2

Part 2 of a three part series – The BendPak PLT-6S tilt parking lift. This is the ultimate parking lift! This unique design for a parking lift allows you to install it on your concrete floor, or allows you to leave it free-standing on a concrete surface. This lift works for so many applications. It … Continue reading “Sneak Peak At New BendPak Lift Models – Part 2”

Sneak Peak At Some New BendPak Lift Models

Part 1 of a three part series. We love it when manufacturers come out with new products. One manufacturer who probably comes out with more new products than any other manufacturer we carry is BendPak / Ranger. They are always on the cutting edge of innovation. Plus, they have one of the widest varieties of … Continue reading “Sneak Peak At Some New BendPak Lift Models”

Auto Shops Must Meet New Standards For Paint Emissions

Auto Shops that are into body work and any shop that performs any painting of cars will have to comply with the new standards for emissions compliance as put forward by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in their NESHAP standard. This dictates painting air toxin emission maximums for the painting and stripping industry. The deadline … Continue reading “Auto Shops Must Meet New Standards For Paint Emissions”