Tips On Purchasing A Used Car Lift

For purposes of full disclosure, we don’t sell used equipment. We strictly sell brand new auto shop equipment. So when we make statements about purchasing used equipment, realize the perspective we are coming from. Automotive Lifts are a vital piece of equipment for any auto shop. Safety is such a crucial factor with a piece of … Continue reading “Tips On Purchasing A Used Car Lift”

Car Falls Off Car Lift

Check out the video below. It shows what happens after a car, (in this case a Ford Taurus) falls off a two post Car Lift. A two post lift is one type of lift that you must take extra care with.  It is important to position the vehicle properly on the lift. Try to keep the center … Continue reading “Car Falls Off Car Lift”

Car Parts Availability – Monopoly?

A recent trend has caught the eye of members of the QPC (Quality Parts Coalition). Auto manufacturers have increased patented design replacement car parts, eliminating the ability for repair shops and consumers to purchase more affordable alternatives. This is disturbing to the QPC in several ways. First, it limits the availability of replacement parts, which … Continue reading “Car Parts Availability – Monopoly?”

Industry Recommendation – Change Your Wiper Blades Every Six Months

Just like the batteries in your smoke detectors, every year, industry experts recommend changing your windshield wiper blades every time you change your clocks for daylight savings time. Visibility isn’t just an aesthetic value, it is a safety issue.  Regardless of whether you use them frequently or not, wiper blades don’t just wear from use, they … Continue reading “Industry Recommendation – Change Your Wiper Blades Every Six Months”

Special Deal With The Purchase of Dannmar Two Post Lifts is currently running a promotion  on our Dannmar Two Post Lifts. For a limited time, when you purchase any Dannmar two post lift, you can get our two post lift safety kit for only $229. This kit normally would sell for $419 if purchased separately. The kit consists of the following three pieces – … Continue reading “Special Deal With The Purchase of Dannmar Two Post Lifts” Latest Ad In Deals On Wheels Magazine

We have advertised in many trade magazines over the past 14 years. Some of those publications include, Hemmings Motor News, TechShop Magazine, Motor Magazine, Auto Week Magazine, and Old Cars Weekly. Some of these publications are industry favorites that discuss issues relating to the automotive industry from a technical perspective, others cover the automotive industry … Continue reading “ Latest Ad In Deals On Wheels Magazine”

Common Misleading Claims Made By Auto Lift Manufacturers

Many bargain car lift manufacturers who cannot claim that their lifts are ALI Certified try to make misleading claims that are meant to distract you from the fact that their lifts are inferior to an ALI Certified lift. Here are some of those most common misleading claims – • Claims that state their lifts “Meet or … Continue reading “Common Misleading Claims Made By Auto Lift Manufacturers”

Free Roll Around Stool with Every MaxJax Two Post Lift

The MaxJax portable Two Post Lift by Dannmar has had tremendous popularity in the short time it’s been around. We’ve been carrying Dannmar two post and four post lifts for about seven or eight years now, but the MaxJax car lift has only been around for about a year and a half. In that time frame, … Continue reading “Free Roll Around Stool with Every MaxJax Two Post Lift”

Biofuels Gain Further Foothold In Automotive Industry

Whiskey is the latest Bio fuel ingredient that will be available for vehicle consumption in Europe. Scottish scientists at Edinburgh Napier University have done research in the area of bio-fuels recently and came up with a Whiskey based bio-fuel that shows promise. The fuel is actually made from the by-products of the alcohol, not the alcohol itself. … Continue reading “Biofuels Gain Further Foothold In Automotive Industry”

Waste Oil Collection and Storage Tanks

Any auto shop has the need for oil collection methods along with storage containers. There are a wide variety of waste oil collection tanks and drains, and waste oil storage containers. Most importantly, your shop must conform to EPA standards for waste oil storage and collection or you can face penalties. For instance, you must … Continue reading “Waste Oil Collection and Storage Tanks”