Are Electric Cars Too Quiet

Have you ever heard an electric car driving down the street? Chances are you haven’t. And that’s the problem. They’re just too darn quiet. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has determined these vehicles to be too quiet, and therefore a hazard to pedestrians. The theory is, if you are walking down the street, and … Continue reading “Are Electric Cars Too Quiet”

Automakers Pushing Smaller Cars, But Are Consumers Listening

Conventional wisdom states that one of the main reasons US automakers fell into financial peril over the past decade is because they were behind the times. They don’t offer what the people want. They don’t offer any smaller vehicles. No hybrids, no eco – friendly automobiles. No low gas consumption cars. Well, if the current … Continue reading “Automakers Pushing Smaller Cars, But Are Consumers Listening”