Auto Shop Equipment Essentials Wish List – Part 2

Part 2 This post continues the theme of auto shop essentials. Part 1 went over the many different types of car lifts available on the market today. Here are some more pieces of garage equipment that are vital to any auto shop – Tire Changers and Wheel Balancers – If you want to be able … Continue reading “Auto Shop Equipment Essentials Wish List – Part 2”

Sale On ESCO Cyclone Tubeless Tire Bead Seater

After you have finished changing a tire on your Tire Machine, you sometimes may find that the jet blast system on the tire changer cannot seat the bead of the tire on the rim. There’s just not enough air. That’s where the ESCO Cyclone tubeless tire bead seater comes in. It supplements the existing jet … Continue reading “Sale On ESCO Cyclone Tubeless Tire Bead Seater”

Sale On Some Discontinued BendPak / Ranger Models

We carry Automotive Lifts from three different manufacturers. By far, the largest of them is BendPak. They’re also the best. Plus, they’ve got the widest variety of lifts out there. They’re always innovating and coming up with new solutions as well as improvements on old models. So when they come out with these new models, we … Continue reading “Sale On Some Discontinued BendPak / Ranger Models”

What Happens To Your Vehicle After It’s Been Totaled

Automotive Recycling is a booming industry. It always will be. There are factors involved that guarantee that it will be a growth business for years to come. The recent Cash For Clunkers program was hailed by government officials as a huge success. The parts that the vehicles supplied to the market are still being used … Continue reading “What Happens To Your Vehicle After It’s Been Totaled”

Tire Changer Selection Is Vital – Part 1

Almost every auto shop has a Tire Changer. There are many different types of tire changers with differing features. It can be as simple as a manual tire changer, or as complex as a high end full featured automatic touch-less tire changer. And there’s everything in between. Your choice will be determined by your budget … Continue reading “Tire Changer Selection Is Vital – Part 1”

Scheduling Service For Your Car Just Got Easier

Too busy during the week to get that nagging problem with your car fixed? Maybe your boss won’t allow you the necessary time off to take your car to the shop. Well, don’t fear anymore. At least one car manufacturer is trying to make it easier to get your car serviced. If your schedule isn’t … Continue reading “Scheduling Service For Your Car Just Got Easier”

Auto Shop Safety And Workers Comp Issues – Part 3

This is part 3 of a three part series – Switch over to an aqueous Parts Washer. It’s about time. Those old solvent based parts washers use hazardous petroleum based solvents and detergents that are at least somewhat hazardous, and in many cases, very hazardous. At the very least, it’s not good to have it … Continue reading “Auto Shop Safety And Workers Comp Issues – Part 3”

New Tire Pressure Monitoring System Advancements

Tire pressure Monitoring Systems have been required on all new vehicles for the past couple of years. The new RediSensor tire pressure monitoring system from Continental is causing quite a stir. The reason is that it offers an effective piece of equipment that doesn’t require any special installation tools that many other TPMS systems require. … Continue reading “New Tire Pressure Monitoring System Advancements”

How Would You Like A 66% Tax Hike?

We feel sorry for the residents of the state of Illinois. In their zeal to cover a spiraling 15 billion dollar budget deficit, their legislators decided the best way to compensate for it was to increase their state income tax by 66%. You read that right. Residents and businesses can expect a crude awakening as … Continue reading “How Would You Like A 66% Tax Hike?”

Green Hornet Debuts This Weekend

We notified you in previous posts that the new Columbia / Sony Pictures motion picture, The Green Hornet is set for release today. It stars Seth Rogan and Cameron Diaz, and based on it’s trailer, (See Below for trailer) It looks like it’s going to be pretty funny. It’s and action / comedy and it’s in 3D. We … Continue reading “Green Hornet Debuts This Weekend”