New Ranger Tire Changer Model R30XLT

Check out the new R30XLT tire changer by Ranger folks! It’s here and it’s now in stock and ready for shipping. This new tire machine has all kinds of cool features, but the thing we like best is it’s range. This machine can handle all the way from 10 inch rims all the way up … Continue reading “New Ranger Tire Changer Model R30XLT”

New Ranger Tire Changer Jet Blast System

The new Ranger Next Generation Tire Changers have many features you would find on a premium machine. We could tell you about the powerful two horsepower motor, significantly larger than most machines on the market today, which typically have a 1.5 HP motor. We could tell you about the forged steel foot pedals, which are … Continue reading “New Ranger Tire Changer Jet Blast System”

Sale On ESCO Cyclone Tubeless Tire Bead Seater

After you have finished changing a tire on your Tire Machine, you sometimes may find that the jet blast system on the tire changer cannot seat the bead of the tire on the rim. There’s just not enough air. That’s where the ESCO Cyclone tubeless tire bead seater comes in. It supplements the existing jet … Continue reading “Sale On ESCO Cyclone Tubeless Tire Bead Seater”

Tire Changer Selection Is Vital – Part 2

If you have a high volume tire shop, then you may be a candidate for a high end touch-less Tire Machine. These make your technician’s life a breeze. Many even feature a a wheel lift built in so your tech doesn’t need to lift the wheel onto the turntable. These machines are essential for PAX and … Continue reading “Tire Changer Selection Is Vital – Part 2”

Ranger Tire Changers and Tire Machines

The rapidly growing popularity over the past several years of the low profile tires and run flat tires has brought about a rush of new tire changers to handle them safely, and with out damaging the expensive alloy rims that they are mounted to. If you don’t want to turn away paying customers, you had … Continue reading “Ranger Tire Changers and Tire Machines”

New Ranger R23ST Tire Changer Video

A loyal customer has submitted a new video for the Ranger R23ST High Performance Tire Changer. This customer has submitted videos for several other products that he has purchased from us in the past, including the BendPak HD9XW Four Post Lift. The R23ST is one of our most popular tire changers – and for good reason. … Continue reading “New Ranger R23ST Tire Changer Video”