ASEdeals Gets Air Time On Popular TV Show

We told you in a previous post that we would be appearing on the very popular Two Guys Garage Television show found on the SPEED Channel.  We supplied them with a TTech TT500 Transmission Flusher that they proceeded to use to exchange the transmission fluid from a 2004 Corvette. This Episode # 1007 just appeared last week and … Continue reading “ASEdeals Gets Air Time On Popular TV Show”

Huge Sale On TTECH Transmission Fluid Exchangers announces a huge sale our our TTech TT400 and TT500 Transmission Fluid Exchanger Machines. If ever there was a time to purchase a Transmission Fluid Exchange Machine, now is that time. For a limited time, we have a HUGE sale on our TTech transmission flushers. This is not a typo – You can get … Continue reading “Huge Sale On TTECH Transmission Fluid Exchangers”

Transmission Flushers And Fluid Exchangers

Performing a transmission fluid exchange service can be lucrative for your auto shop. This fact is a large reason why many automotive repair facilities are purchasing a Transmission Flusher, or transmission fluid exchanger. Once you explain to customers the benefits of this service, it’s an easy sell. The purchase of one of these machines will … Continue reading “Transmission Flushers And Fluid Exchangers”