New Customer Two Post Lift Pictures 2

Here is another post showing our customer Two Post Lift pictures. The latest set of pictures is provided by Sean Martinez from two locations, Tucson, AZ and McKinney, TX. He needed a two post lift to perform work on his 1966 Chevelle. He wanted a lift that was reliable, from a manufacturer with a good reputation … Continue reading “New Customer Two Post Lift Pictures 2”

MaxJax Two Post Lift – Last Chance to get in on low Prices

We always take these opportunities to warn you of impending price increases. Dannmar, the manufacturer of our very popular MaxJax Two Post Lift has informed us that they have scheduled a price increase for October 1st. This price increase is going to be pretty significant. We’re not sure of the percentage of the increase just yet, … Continue reading “MaxJax Two Post Lift – Last Chance to get in on low Prices”

Sale On Discontinued BendPak Two Post Lift

For many years, BendPak designed and manufactured both a wide and a narrow version of their two post lifts. It was a great idea, because it allowed users to choose a car lift that fit their garage floor space. Then, recently, BendPak decided to create an adjustable width lift. So now, you can set it … Continue reading “Sale On Discontinued BendPak Two Post Lift”

A Car Lift Is Not Car Jack

We often receive calls from customers who need to raise their car to perform service on it and they will sometimes interchange the terms Car Lift and Car Jack. They mistakenly believe the two term mean the same thing. They do not mean the same thing. A car lift raises the entire vehicle off the … Continue reading “A Car Lift Is Not Car Jack”

Choosing An Automotive Lift Just Got Easier

The title of this post says it all. Choosing an Automotive Lift  just got easier. If you click on that link embedded in the previous phrase “Automotive Lift” you’ll find a captivating article about the facts to use to choose between a two post lift or a four post lift. The article appears on the … Continue reading “Choosing An Automotive Lift Just Got Easier”

Goldberg Shows Off His BendPak Lifts

We’ve shown you plenty of videos of our of our customers with their BendPak Lift. We’ve also shown you some videos that BendPak put out to promote their wide variety of products. This video is a production put out by BendPak with the popular professional wrestling personality, Bill Goldberg. He has the ultimate garage workshop setup, … Continue reading “Goldberg Shows Off His BendPak Lifts”

Another ASEdeals Bahamas Connection

You may have seen our previous post of another Bahamas connection earlier. We recently stopped by another one of our loyal customer’s auto shop on the  beautiful Island of Nassau in the Bahamas. Rene Telle from Telle Auto has been servicing vehicles for decades and opened his specialty auto shop about four years ago. He specializes in … Continue reading “Another ASEdeals Bahamas Connection”

New BendPak Adjustable Width Two Post Lift

BendPak is always on the leading edge of innovation. They are one of the premier car lift and automotive equipment manufacturers in the world. So when they came out with their new adjustable  width XPR10 Two Post Lift, we said, “Here they go again”. For quite a few years now, BendPak has made their two post … Continue reading “New BendPak Adjustable Width Two Post Lift”

Two Post Car Lift Failure Video

Check out this video link below. It shows a Two Post Lift failure when a van caused the anchors to pull out of the floor and the lift toppled over. Fortunately, nobody was injured in this case and they were able to get the van down with minimal damage. But this video is worth a … Continue reading “Two Post Car Lift Failure Video”

Auto Shop Equipment Essentials Wish List

We frequently get asked by our customers, “I’m starting my own auto shop and I don’t know what equipment I need”. There is no definitive list of garage equipment, because every shop is different and has different needs. And budget will always be a factor. But there are some basic essentials that should be part … Continue reading “Auto Shop Equipment Essentials Wish List”