BendPak HD-7W Four Post Lift – Red

Bill Kuipers

“The lift is in and is the crowning jewel of a year-long effort to rebuild our garage after the hurricane. The garage was built specifically around this lift. I really appreciate all of your help answering my questions and making the right selection.The installer, Jim Hearon of Halseys, was fantastic. Really efficient, knowledgeable, and made all kinds of extra efforts to accommodate me. Really good guy, too. Highly recommended.Due to the location of the lift and the close location to the wall, I really wanted to put the controls on the front of the ‘command’ post instead of on the inside by the driver’s door. The hoses were not long enough, but after consulting Bendpak we decided to go for it by purchasing longer hoses for air & hydraulic. This allows me to operate the lift in a much more convenient position – and above all, a much safer location in the event I need to get out of Dodge in a hurry.Other than that, the lift is everything I hoped for. Thanks again for all of your patience and assistance.Best regards” – Bill Kuipers Haskell, NJ