BendPak LS7580V Air Compressor West Ark Electric

Tyler Luper - West Ark Electric

“I have purchased numerous items from ASE recently for our garage, including the 7.5 HP compressor by BendPak. So far it works great and really provides plenty of air for anything I need. I’m glad I found you.” – Tyler Luper West Ark Electric Springdale, ARThe BendPak Line of air compressors is capable of supplying adequate cfm for the typical professional auto shop or commercial garage. With the 3 cylinder design, it provides more air with less noise, so you can hear yourself think. The most common complaint from shop owners and technicians is that they don’t want a loud compressor. By creating a compressor with this 3 cylinder motor, it runs at significantly lower RPM’s than a typical model, meaning greater air output, less heat, which also means less moisture building up in the tank, which means less moisture getting into your air tools as well. There are so many reasons why the TriMax line by BendPak is so superior. BendPak hit the ball out of the park with this one. Great price, low RMP’s, high CFM air output, low decibel level, and greater longevity.