BendPak XPR-9 Two Post Lift – With Dogs

Rafe Zeyher

“I Love the new lift. Got to use it about 10 minutes after the installation. The pets all seem to like it too!”Rafe ZeyherFleetwood, PAYou know you’ve got a good car lift when it gains the approval of not just one, but two of the family pets. But it’s not just pets that love our BendPak XPR9 2 post lifts. We’ve been selling them for 24 years now and they’ve got the approval from auto shop owners across the country, as well as sports, exotic, and classic car collectors, car buffs who just want to work on their own cars, fleet service technicians, and just about any other user you can think of.24 years is more than enough time to determine the quality and reliability of a product like a car lift. Check it out further on our web site for more details. And don’t forget, we can arrange for installation anywhere in the USA.