BendPak XPR10AS-168 Extra Tall 2 Post Lift – 110201

Jim Dow

“The guys were great that installed the lift. It has a few good scratches that were covered well with the touch up paint you provided. Also I like the oil drain bucket we got and definitely needed the optional frame cradle pads. This lift hits the spot in every way. I can send you pictures if you need them. Thanks”
-Jim Dow
-Rindge, NH

The BendPak XPR10AS-168 is a twist on their most popular two post lift model. It has two foot column extensions on top of the posts so if you need to raise extra tall vehicles, like sprinter vans or trucks with ladder racks, you can lift them without tripping the overhead safety shut off bar. Most typical automobiles should not need an extra tall model like this, but if you do need it, it’s nice to have that option. Ask your sales person about extra tall options, along with what other accessories are available.