BendPak XPR10AS Two Post Lift – 108610

BendPak XPR10AS Two Post Lift - 108610
Brian Wixon

“Got the lift, thanks very much. Had the lift installed today – all went smoothly. Looks great, and is very hefty. This thing was made to last. Will do permanent wiring tomorrow. I will keep you posted.Thanks again”Brian Wixon Salisbury, MDIt’s amazing how many home car buffs get two post lifts for their home garages to service their own vehicles. Many just like to tinker, while others feel it will save them money in the long run. Which ever category you fall into, some key considerations to think about — make sure you have adequate ceiling height- make sure you have adequate concrete- make sure the concrete is fairly level- make sure to get a lift model adequate for your vehicle selection- Consider where you will be placing it in the bay of your garage- consider having us arrange for the professional installation