Testimonials: 4 Post Lifts

HD9 Lift

“Love my HD9 lift. Shoulda bought one years ago. Installed it last Thursday, and it works great. I’m glad I went with a Bend-Pak instead of one of the cheaper one’s. They really pay attention to detail. Everything is perfect”.Attention to detail? You decide. Look at the adjustable ladder safety system, which is found on … Continue reading “HD9 Lift”

Love my Lift

“Love the lift, guys. It’s perfect. Thanks for everything.”Short but sweet. Thank you Vernon. Don’t underestimate the value of a 4 post lift. Not only do they offer the service capabilities, but they serve dual purpose as a storage / parking lift.When you do choose one, you can’t go wrong with a BendPak. They’ve developed … Continue reading “Love my Lift”

CommonSense Audio

“Got the lift installed as you see in the pic. Love the lift. Exactly what I needed.”Yes, the HD-9 four post lifts do make for a great storage or parking lift, but don’t underestimate the service capabilities. Many car buffs may acquire the car lift for one reason, but after they get it, they realize … Continue reading “CommonSense Audio”

Lift for Garage

“Hi, Been so busy. I’m just now finding time to send some pics. My new lift has been making money from day one. Absolutely love it. If it were a woman, I’d kiss it. Sending pics of it. Just finished and with it’s first two customers. Thanks,”Now that’s somebody who loves their lift. Now we … Continue reading “Lift for Garage”


“Attached are several photos of my HD9XW lift in operation, for both service and for storage. You can see how it just fits into the elevated part of my garage.Thanks for all your help, hopefully the RJ-45 jack will arrive in good working and cosmetic condition.”Another tight fit in another home garage. Look at how … Continue reading “HD9XW”