Testimonials: Other Products

Transmission Jack

“This (AC Hydraulics Transmission jack) is a lot of jack for the money. I’m glad I found you!”Note – We do not carry the AC Hydraulic products any longer. They were a great manufacturer with a great product line, but the company that imported them into the USA no longer imports them. If you are … Continue reading “Transmission Jack”

Tool Cart

“I love you guys. I originally tried to order this exact same Waterloo tool cart as a Sears branded product. After 3 weeks and they still couldn’t tell me a status, I canceled their order and tried you guys. I received the cart in less than week, and it was substantially cheaper! You guys are … Continue reading “Tool Cart”

Floor Jack

“I received my floor jack today and wanted to say it was a pleasure doing business with your company and was really impressed how fast the product arrived here too. Thank You.”Speedy delivery is a common benefit of purchasing through ASEDeals. Most items usally ship out next day and arrive within 5 to 10 days, … Continue reading “Floor Jack”

Satisfied Customer

“I really appreciate your very professional, prompt and courteous response. Thank you for performing what is a rapidly diminishing art: Taking care of the customer’s needs.”Well put Emeile. But sad too. Why is it a rapidly diminishing art form just to provide good customer service? That seems like the easiest part of the equation to … Continue reading “Satisfied Customer”

Great Service

“Great service on the sale and a great product as well. Thanks for everything. I’ll be back for more some time.”If you are curious about how any particular garage equipment distributor will treat you as a customer, we recommend you perform a little research. check out their reputation on the web. If they have dissatisfied … Continue reading “Great Service”

Quality Product

“I would just like to say it has been a pleasure doing business with your company. The customer service, quality of product and prices just can’t be matched. Thanks.”Quality products are important, but just scratch the surface of what we’re all about. The other qualities that we proudly stand for in our mission statement are … Continue reading “Quality Product”

Prompt Response

“Thank you ASE, for your amazingly prompt and courteous response regarding (my order). It has been a pleasure dealing with a company that obviously has ‘customer satisfaction’ at the top of their list!”It’s not just lip service. We mean it. And this testimonial backs it up. We don’t just talk about it. It’s what we … Continue reading “Prompt Response”