The Importance Of Shocks and Struts

Shocks and struts are just one of many components of a vehicle that effect drivability and comfort of the ride.
The obvious initial impact on driving relates to the main purpose of shocks and struts – decreasing the impact of a rough road to give you a smooth ride. This is an important function, but there are others that may not be as obvious. Automotive Shocks and struts also effect ride control in various ways, but perhaps more important ways, such as braking, traction and handling. It can even have an impact on tire tread wear.
Modern vehicles have such technologically advanced driving systems that require every component to work as it was intended. If one component is out of whack, it could effect the whole system.
Most manufacturers recommend replacing these parts at regular intervals, with most recommending around every 50,000 miles or so. So it’s about much more than just comfort. It’s also about safety.
The next time you are going over the virtues of replacing shocks and struts with your customer, remember to inform them of the importance of the safety issues mentioned above. This is another case where you may have a customer’s car up on the Auto Lift for a different job, but you can up-sell them on another service they may not have been aware that they needed.

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