Transmission Fluid Exchangers

The importance of exchanging your transmission fluid should not be underestimated. Most transmission failures are attributed to the transmission fluid wear and breakdown. It is not just a lubricant, it also provides the hydraulic pressure necessary to change the gears and change torque inside the torque converter.
Many modern transmission fluids are long life fluids that are rated to last 100,000 miles or more. Different vehicle manufacturers require different fluids. It is important that you use the manufacturer specified fluid.
Using the wrong fluid, tough driving conditions, or just lack of maintenance can cause premature failure of the transmission. Technicians and service managers need to explain this to their customers so they understand the importance of this service. When their vehicle is up on the Automotive Lift, make sure to inform them of the importance of this valuable service. Some manufacturers even offer literature that can help make the case.
Offering transmission fluid exchange service as part of your arsenal as a full service auto shop can be a lucrative endeavor.

Transmission Fluid Exchanger