Two Post Automotive Lift Accessories – Part 2

This is part two of a two part series.

In part one, we went over several options available for two post lifts. We’ll be going over a few more in this post.

Air Hose Reels. Many technicians mount one right to one of the columns, so they can have it right there at the work station. A spring rewind air hose reel to power your air tools is a desired feature for convenience. Available in 33 foot and 50 foot lengths.

Air Hose Reel

Air Electric Work Station. This is a handy accessory that is growing in popularity. It’s a box that you mount to one of the columns that has GFCI protected electrical outlets built into it. It also has a filter / lubricator / regulator for your air lines, along with hooks to hang your air hose lines on.

Air Electric Work Station

Height Extensions. BendPak offers these to increase the height of the columns, so that the extra tall vehicles don’t trip the shut-off bar up above prematurely, before you reach maximum lifting height. Most vehicles won’t trip the shut off bar, but some taller Trucks and vans will. The height extensions add two feet of height to your columns, so you have 16 feet of height. More than enough for those taller vehicles.

Auto Lift

These accessories are popular additions to round off your arsenal in the auto shop. Your Auto Lift can be a well rounded work station when you have the right equipment and accessories.