Two Post Car Lift Failure Video

Check out this video link below. It shows a Two Post Lift failure when a van caused the anchors to pull out of the floor and the lift toppled over. Fortunately, nobody was injured in this case and they were able to get the van down with minimal damage.
But this video is worth a good view for illustrating two things. First, how important it is to mount and use a two post lift properly. Second, what to do to safely get the car down once a lift has failed.
We can’t be sure why this lift failed as the makers of the video don’t provide an explanation. Possibilities include inadequate concrete thickness or hardness or possibly improper installation. One other potential possibility is the van started sliding due to unbalanced loading and because most trucks and full-size vans do not provide a flat stable lifting point at the rear. Many truck and van frame rails are inclined as they head up to the shackles and are typically covered with corrosion protection undercoating.
It is possible the operator failed to use frame cradle pads, and the pads did not stay securely in place on the frame rail once the truck started sliding. Then the full weight of the van landing on the lift arms could have created an extreme shock loading condition which would have damaged the lift components severely and caused the column anchors to fail. This is just speculation, but is a potential hazard. Therefore, any lift operator would be wise to use frame cradle pad adapters when raising a truck or van with inclined frame rails.

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