The Fight For Fair Competition In the Automotive Service Industry

There is a battle brewing across the nation in the automotive repair industry. On the one hand, you have the automotive manufacturers and  dealers, and on the other, the independent repair shops and aftermarket parts manufacturers. The local independent shops are lobbying to gain access to the valuable proprietary information that the manufacturers have for … Continue reading “The Fight For Fair Competition In the Automotive Service Industry”

Are Bargain Generic Replacement Parts Worth The Risk?

It can be tempting for auto shop owners and consumers alike to take the cheap route and purchase inexpensive aftermarket replacement parts. There is no shortage. There is a glut of these parts that have come from questionable sources and are readily available for purchase in any number of venues. Many of these aftermarket generic parts are … Continue reading “Are Bargain Generic Replacement Parts Worth The Risk?”

Independent vs Dealer Repairs – Which is better?

Your car just broke down on the side of the road on a hot summer day. You called for a tow truck and you must decide where to have them take it. Do you have them bring it to the car dealership service center, or to a local independent repair shop? There are strong arguments … Continue reading “Independent vs Dealer Repairs – Which is better?”

Cool New iPhone App For Technicians

Are you always looking for the latest technology? Do you need the latest an greatest features for your auto shop? Are your Tire Changers wheel balancer or battery charger the most current models with all the bells and whistles? If so, this story might interest you.  Technicians have  a handy new app for their iPhone or iPad touch … Continue reading “Cool New iPhone App For Technicians”

Preventative Maintenance

Modern  car engines are so technologically advanced these days that the regular DIY guys are sometimes found scratching their heads wondering what half the parts are under the hood. Water pumps are one of the few parts of the modern automotive engine that is still pretty straightforward. They haven’t changed much over the years. In the … Continue reading “Preventative Maintenance”

Scheduling Service For Your Car Just Got Easier

Too busy during the week to get that nagging problem with your car fixed? Maybe your boss won’t allow you the necessary time off to take your car to the shop. Well, don’t fear anymore. At least one car manufacturer is trying to make it easier to get your car serviced. If your schedule isn’t … Continue reading “Scheduling Service For Your Car Just Got Easier”

Replacing Spark Plugs

In the past, manufacturers recommended changing your spark plugs every 30,000 to 40,000 miles or so. These days, with modern automotive technology, that has changed up to every 100,000 miles in many cases. Modern automobile engines run so efficiently that the typical owner doesn’t even give spark plugs a second thought unless they bring it in … Continue reading “Replacing Spark Plugs”

New Tire Pressure Monitoring System Advancements

Tire pressure Monitoring Systems have been required on all new vehicles for the past couple of years. The new RediSensor tire pressure monitoring system from Continental is causing quite a stir. The reason is that it offers an effective piece of equipment that doesn’t require any special installation tools that many other TPMS systems require. … Continue reading “New Tire Pressure Monitoring System Advancements”

The Importance Of Shocks and Struts

Shocks and struts are just one of many components of a vehicle that effect drivability and comfort of the ride. The obvious initial impact on driving relates to the main purpose of shocks and struts – decreasing the impact of a rough road to give you a smooth ride. This is an important function, but … Continue reading “The Importance Of Shocks and Struts”

New Trend For Auto Shops – Self Service

Being in the automotive service equipment sales business for over 14 years now, we’ve seen a lot. One trend we’ve been seeing more frequently lately is the self service auto shop. This is an interesting idea that we think will catch on more and more in the future as car owners who want to save money.  It … Continue reading “New Trend For Auto Shops – Self Service”