Car Batteries, Jump Starters, and Battery Maintenance

A vehicle’s battery is a vital component. The electrical systems of today’s modern cars require more juice than ever before. Not just for starting purposes. Plus there are components and systems that drain the battery even while the vehicle turned off. Of course, larger engines require more power. Cold weather also requires more power, because … Continue reading “Car Batteries, Jump Starters, and Battery Maintenance”

Refrigerants For Automotive AC Systems

Technicians and auto shop owners must always stay on top of the latest technology. For years, (Freon), R-12 was the refrigerant of choice for all automotive air conditioning systems. But in 1994, it was replaced with the more environmentally friendly R134a. Everybody knows that you cannot interchange or mix the two. Any vehicle that has … Continue reading “Refrigerants For Automotive AC Systems”

Storing Your Classic Car For Winter

Owners of vintage and classic cars have a routine each year as the winter season approaches. They must prepare their cars for winter storage. The warm seasons are over. All of the shows and meets are done. Now it’s time to put your pride and joy away for until next year. There are the common, … Continue reading “Storing Your Classic Car For Winter”

Classic Automotive Restoration Tips

Restoring a classic automobile can be an arduous task, and an expensive at that. Before you begin, there are several considerations. Cost is the most important. We realize there are many folks out there who have an unlimited budget and can restore a real fixer-upper to pristine condition and not blink an eye. But to … Continue reading “Classic Automotive Restoration Tips”

Power Door Locks Repairs

In the not too distant past, power door locks were only found in luxury cars. As technology advanced and made these products more affordable, more and more manufacturers began including them in their mid priced and lower priced vehicles. Now, there are power locks not only on doors, but hatchbacks, liftgates, trunks and even liftgate … Continue reading “Power Door Locks Repairs”