Much To Be Thankful For

In these tough economic times, It can sometimes be difficult to look through all the negative news you hear on the TV each evening. The unemployment rate has remained over 9% the entire year. Many car dealerships have closed down due to the auto manufacturers consolidating. They’ve closed up shop and sold off all of … Continue reading “Much To Be Thankful For”

Old Cars Price Guide

One handy trade publication we highly recommend is Old Cars Weekly magazine. We like it so much, we frequently advertise in it. They post articles catering to classic car enthusiasts who want tips on modifying their favorite vintage ride, and other related subjects. They also put out frequent Price Guide Issues. These issues are dedicated … Continue reading “Old Cars Price Guide”

The Importance of Using the Proper Fluid in Your Automobile

Consumer Reports recently ran an article illustrating the importance of using the proper fluids in your vehicle. One surprising note from the article – Filling your windshield washer fluid reservoir with water is a breeding ground for the bacteria that causes Legionnaires disease. Who knew? So now, it’s not just a dirty windshield you have … Continue reading “The Importance of Using the Proper Fluid in Your Automobile”

Car Parts Availability – Monopoly?

A recent trend has caught the eye of members of the QPC (Quality Parts Coalition). Auto manufacturers have increased patented design replacement car parts, eliminating the ability for repair shops and consumers to purchase more affordable alternatives. This is disturbing to the QPC in several ways. First, it limits the availability of replacement parts, which … Continue reading “Car Parts Availability – Monopoly?”

Industry Recommendation – Change Your Wiper Blades Every Six Months

Just like the batteries in your smoke detectors, every year, industry experts recommend changing your windshield wiper blades every time you change your clocks for daylight savings time. Visibility isn’t just an aesthetic value, it is a safety issue.  Regardless of whether you use them frequently or not, wiper blades don’t just wear from use, they … Continue reading “Industry Recommendation – Change Your Wiper Blades Every Six Months”

Veterans Day Request – Homes For Our Troops

World War I ended officially on June 28, 1919. But actually, the fighting stopped seven months earlier. An armistice went into effect on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month. Armistice Day eventually evolved into Veterans Day in 1954. There is a reason we chose the American Flag as the theme to … Continue reading “Veterans Day Request – Homes For Our Troops”

Great New Reference Source For Consumers often gets asked by customers, “How do I know you are a reputable company? How do I know my credit card information is safe with you?” Consumers wary of giving out sensitive information to a company they are not familiar with is a common and understandable thing. There are many stories of fraud out there. … Continue reading “Great New Reference Source For Consumers”

Smoke Machine Leak Detector Saves You Money

Shop owners – How many times have you had a leak, but you couldn’t locate it? Didn’t you wish you had a piece of equipment that could locate it? There are numerous leak detectors out on the market today, but they have many shortcomings. Many don’t have an infinitely adjustable pressure control, so you only … Continue reading “Smoke Machine Leak Detector Saves You Money”

Recycle Antifreeze And Save Your Shop Money

Recycling your auto shop’s waste antifreeze can save you money. That headline alone should be sufficient to get your attention. Garage owners are constantly looking for new revenue streams and ways to cut spending. This is a realistic and viable way to do both. Most shops currently pay someone for the service of disposing of … Continue reading “Recycle Antifreeze And Save Your Shop Money”