New More Strict Proposal For Burning Waste Oil

If you are an auto shop owner who has a waste oil heater and uses it to save money on both disposing of your waste oil, along with saving money on when it comes to heating your shop, you may want to pay attention to this story, because it could affect your bottom line dramatically. … Continue reading “New More Strict Proposal For Burning Waste Oil”

It’s Christmas – Now Is The Time To Give To Those Who Sacrificed

We’ve had another great year thanks to great customers like you. We’ve sold plenty of Automotive Lifts, Floor Jacks, Air Compressors and Tire changers over the past 12 months. We’ve truly been blessed. One way we share our blessings is by donating to our favorite cause – Homes For Our Troops. You’ve heard us talk about it … Continue reading “It’s Christmas – Now Is The Time To Give To Those Who Sacrificed”

Upcoming Auto Shows and Meets

If you’re a classic car, muscle car, or just an old car enthusiast, you’ve probably been to a few car shows and swap meets over the course of the past few years. Whether you just like to collect these cars, or throw them up on an Automotive Lift to tinker on them, or just drive them, … Continue reading “Upcoming Auto Shows and Meets”

US / Korea Free Trade Agreement Finalized

For many years, since the Bush administration, the US has been attempting to close a free trade agreement with South Korea. Many European nations already have trade agreements with Korea, and the US and Korea were having difficulty closing a deal. This led to concerns that the US would be at a considerable competitive disadvantage. … Continue reading “US / Korea Free Trade Agreement Finalized”

Record Attendance at This Year’s Automotive Shows

If you attended the AAPEX or SEMA shows this past November, you already know how crowded it was. For those of you who did not, you missed a great event with lots of interesting vendors, manufacturers and products. And you missed some record crowds. Independent estimates of attendance well above 2009 levels, which were admittedly … Continue reading “Record Attendance at This Year’s Automotive Shows”

Chevy Volt is MotorTrend 2011 Car Of The Year.

Motor Trend has announced it’s car of the year. It’s the new and innovative Chevy Volt. This unique vehicle is the first electric car to win this coveted prize. One of the judges on the panel said, “This is a fully developed vehicle with seamlessly integrated systems and software, a car that provides a unique driving experience. … Continue reading “Chevy Volt is MotorTrend 2011 Car Of The Year.”

New Trend For Auto Shops – Self Service

Being in the automotive service equipment sales business for over 14 years now, we’ve seen a lot. One trend we’ve been seeing more frequently lately is the self service auto shop. This is an interesting idea that we think will catch on more and more in the future as car owners who want to save money.  It … Continue reading “New Trend For Auto Shops – Self Service”

Bosch Aquires RTI Technologoies

Big news for the Automotive Equipment industry in the form of a press release on December 8th. The Bosch Group announced that it acquired RTI Technologies. RTI is well known for it’s high quality auto shop equipment. We have been carrying their products for over 6 years now. Their products include – exhaust ventilation equipment, transmission, brake, … Continue reading “Bosch Aquires RTI Technologoies”