Factors When Purchasing a Four Post Lift for Home Garage

Home Hobbyist customers who are considering a Four Post Lift always have many questions about what lift to get and what factors to consider when trying to determine which lift to get for their home garage. Whether you are using it for storing one vehicle over another, or you are using it for servicing your cars, … Continue reading “Factors When Purchasing a Four Post Lift for Home Garage”

USPS Purchases AccuTorq Torq Sticks

Auto shop owners and fleet service managers who are looking to speed up productivity get an edge with the AccuTorq Torq Sticks. OEM’s choose them too. After getting the vehicle up on the Car Lift, the user to simply references a chart with a color code for any specific make and model vehicle. Then choose … Continue reading “USPS Purchases AccuTorq Torq Sticks”

Customer Pictures for BendPak Car Lift

Here is yet another installment of our customer pictures and testimonials. People are always asking us to show them more pictures and feedback from other past customers as well. They want to see the products in a typical auto shop or home garage environment. It gives them a better feel on how it might work … Continue reading “Customer Pictures for BendPak Car Lift”

Car Lifts And ALI Certification

You hear us tell you all the time about BendPak Car Lifts and truck lifts being ALI Certified. But what exactly does it mean when a lift is ALI Certified? It means a lot. An automotive lift that has the ALI gold seal of approval shows that it has undergone a set of rigorous tests … Continue reading “Car Lifts And ALI Certification”

Ranger R26EX Tire Changer Video

The Ranger R26EX Tire Changer has many bells and whistles. As a tire changer, it meets most automotive shop and  tire shop needs. It has dual mounting helper arms, so you can handle not only low profile tires, but you’ll also be able to handle run flat tires. And we all know how popular those large, … Continue reading “Ranger R26EX Tire Changer Video”

Tire Changers / Wheel Balancer Combo Package Deals

ASEdeals.com is currently running a special on some of our most popular Tire Changer and Wheel Balancer combo packages. Now, all of these models are already on sale when purchased individually already. But right now, and for a limited time, you can get an additional discount when you purchase a tire changer along with a wheel balancer. … Continue reading “Tire Changers / Wheel Balancer Combo Package Deals”

BendPak Lifts Offer Quality and Affordability

Customers looking for a top quality car lift would do well to check out our two post lifts, four post lifts and more specialty lifts by BendPak. Bendpak has been manufacturing automotive shop equipment for over 40 years. We have been carrying their products for over 14 years. We get tremendous feedback on their products. Most of … Continue reading “BendPak Lifts Offer Quality and Affordability”

New BelAire QP Quiet Air Compressors

Customers are always asking us, “Do you have an air compressor that’s quiet”? Now normally, we would have to steer them toward an expensive Rotary Screw Air Compressor. But not anymore, thanks to the new BelAire Air Compressors QP Series Quiet Reciprocating Compressors. BelAire hit the ball out of the park with this one. an … Continue reading “New BelAire QP Quiet Air Compressors”

BendPak MD-6XP Mid Rise Car Lifts

This design has been around for several years now, and you may have seen others like it, but none as good as the BendPak MD6XP Mid Rise Car Lift. BendPak doesn’t take any shortcuts when it comes to any of their products. Many competitors have models that may look similar, but upon further inspection, you’ll … Continue reading “BendPak MD-6XP Mid Rise Car Lifts”

ASEdeals.com Hemmings Two Post Lift Article

We recently supplied a BendPak Two Post Lift to Hemmings Classic Car Museum. They needed a two post lift to service their collection of classic cars. When the folks at Hemmings needed a two post lift, they came to ASEdeals.com because they knew of our reputation. We set them up with one of our most popular BendPak … Continue reading “ASEdeals.com Hemmings Two Post Lift Article”