Auto Shop Equipment Essentials – Part 6

Part 6 of our Auto Shop Equipment Essentials list is spotlighting Parts Washers. No shop can do without at least some type of Parts Cleaner. There are constant questions customers have when it comes to parts cleaners. The most common is – What type should I get? The answer to that question requires some follow up questions from … Continue reading “Auto Shop Equipment Essentials – Part 6”

Ranger Spray Wash Cabinet Sale

Customers who are currently on the market for a Spray Wash Cabinet should review our Ranger RS500 and RS750 Spray Wash Cabinets. First, they are manufactured by Ranger Products. Ranger is a division of BendPak, one of the largest automotive equipment manufacturers on the planet. They have been around for four decades and boast one … Continue reading “Ranger Spray Wash Cabinet Sale”

Aqueous Parts Cleaner vs Solvent Parts Washer

The question is a common one. Should I get a solvent based parts washer, or a water based one? There are advantages to each. For the typical auto shop, you may want to get a drum mount model. This style is very popular for the typical garage. It allows you to clean parts in a sink … Continue reading “Aqueous Parts Cleaner vs Solvent Parts Washer”