Thermadyne / Firepower Price Increase Coming June 1st

Customers who have been following over the past 15 years know that we have been carrying Thermadyne and Thermal Dynamics products almost from the beginning. They manufacture some of the finest welders and plasma cutters the industry has ever seen. They manufacture the Thermal Dynamics Plasma Cutters, which are reliable, durable, and packed with … Continue reading “Thermadyne / Firepower Price Increase Coming June 1st”

Auto Shop Equipment Essentials – Part 7

Welders and plasma cutters are vital for any auto body shop. You’ll need a good welder and plasma cutter from a quality manufacturer if you want to be able to handle all the jobs you’ll need to be able to handle. There are many fine manufacturers out there, We carry two of the biggest, Lincoln … Continue reading “Auto Shop Equipment Essentials – Part 7”

Inverter vs Transformer Technology For Plasma Cutters

Thermal Dynamics has a new line of plasma cutters that need to be seen to be believed. You should know Thermal Dynamics for their welders and Plasma Cutters and other similar type equipment. They are also a well known industrial company who has been a recognized leader in the industry for decades. Their products are … Continue reading “Inverter vs Transformer Technology For Plasma Cutters”

Lincoln Electric Is Sponsor For New American Chopper Show

We have been carrying Lincoln Electric welders for many years now, and everybody who knows anything about welders knows that Lincoln is one of the premier names in the welding industry. They have top quality components, the best features, a huge selection of models, and many different types of welders, including Mig Welders, Arc Welders, … Continue reading “Lincoln Electric Is Sponsor For New American Chopper Show”

Mig Welders by Lincoln Electric

There is no disputing that a top name in the welding industry is Lincoln Electric. These guys are one of the premier names in the industry. They were actually founded in the 19th century. How many companies can claim that? And the beauty of it is that they still manufacture many items here in the USA. … Continue reading “Mig Welders by Lincoln Electric”