Modern Automobile Safety Systems

Even Henry Ford would be amazed at the modern vehicle. We’ve come a long way from the early days, when there were no comforts of the modern car, not even a roof or windshield. But the modern vehicle is still leaps ahead of top of the line cars made just a decade ago.
Due to recent technological advances, we enjoy the most convenient and safest autos ever made.
Sure, there are the traditional anti-lock brakes and air bags that engage from the sides. But there is so much more now. Most of those old systems were intended to protect you in the event of a crash. Now, these new systems are intended to help prevent a crash in the first place.
Some of these new features include steering wheels that shake when the vehicle’s monitoring system determines that you may be dozing off. There are cameras in the rear that can provide you with a view of what’s behind you when you’re backing up. There are some systems that will warn you as you get closer to something as you are backing up. Some systems can detect objects in your blind spot. Some cars even have systems that will help you navigate around obstructions in your path and even stop the vehicle if necessary.
Of course, all of these added features increase the cost of the modern car dramatically. And the government mandating that cars have some of these added features means that we don’t have a choice whether or not we want them.
This also adds to the auto shop owner’s list of services he can provide. Once the vehicle is up on the car lift of course, your technicians will need to be trained in all these new services, and you will need to purchase new tools and Automotive Equipment to service these advanced systems, but once they are, it means a new revenue stream for your garage.
We can’t wait until cars are so advanced that we don’t even have to pay attention when we drive. Just press a button and read the paper until we get to work.

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