New BendPak Adjustable Width Two Post Lift

BendPak is always on the leading edge of innovation. They are one of the premier car lift and automotive equipment manufacturers in the world. So when they came out with their new adjustable  width XPR10 Two Post Lift, we said, “Here they go again”.
For quite a few years now, BendPak has made their two post lifts in both a narrow and a wide configuration. Some shops are tight on floor space, and the narrow model is perfect for those situations. We recommend most customers go with a wide model. As long as you have the floorspace, it’s a no brainer. It just makes life so much easier in every way. you can open your doors wider, drive in between the columns easier, and just plain work around the vehicle easier.
Well now you don’t have to decide which one to get! You can get the adjustable width model, and determine which width to set it at when you assemble it. Now you can make the decision of which width to set it up at the time you assemble it. Now you don’t have to worry if you got the wrong size lift. Simply set it up once you get it once you’ve assessed your available floor space as compared to the lift.
You can set it up at the wide setting, which gives you 145 inches from outermost point to outermost point, which is the flanged out base plates at the bottom of each post. The narrow setting would keep you at 132 inches wide. There are asymmetric, and symmetric car lift models available. The asymmetric option has the ability to position the vehicle symmetric as well, so you get the best of both worlds.
Once again, BendPak is leading the way when it comes to innovation.

BendPak Two Post Lift