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Richard Moss, Castleton, VT - R&D Automotive

“I’ve Purchased several BendPak Lifts from ASE over the past few years, including the XPR10C, XPR15C, and have been completely satisfied. That’s why we keep coming back.”This customer continues to come back to Automotive Service Equipment for all their equipment needs. They have also purchased a Ranger tire changer from us as well. That’s a very common event. Repeat customers make up a large part of our customer base because of our service, prices, and choices of top quality equipment. Take a good look at these shipping packages. This is typical of how most lifts are packaged for transport, and this is how they will arrive at your location. The packaging is designed to be lifted with a standard set of forks, lengthwise, from the end. Many of these lifts are too large for a lift-gate, which means we don’t have the means to get them down off the freight truck for you. You’ll need a piece of equipment, like a forklift, skid-steer, bobcat, backhoe, flatbed with a winch, or anything with a boom and straps, or chains. Most folks can rent something, but if you can’t, you can always pick it up at the freight carrier’s terminal near you. They will load it into your truck or trailer, and then, when you get it back to your premises, you can unbundle the package and take it out piece by piece.