Testimonials: Other Lifts

Pit Lift

“The P6-F Pit Lifts have been a very useful tool for us for 11 years now. We haven’t had any trouble with the lifts other than regular wear and tear. That’s why we just purchased another one. Thanks for everything.”It’s all about productivity. Lube shops across the globe have been using the BendPak pits lift … Continue reading “Pit Lift”

Modified Porshe Lift

“Hey Guys,Thanks for the plug on modifying the lift for use with Porsches! Very cool! It was great dealing with you and I love the lift!”This customer (an avid racing enthusiast) modified his MD6XP auto lift by making the front cross-member removable so that he could gain access to the transmission. He modified it in … Continue reading “Modified Porshe Lift”

Mid-Rise Lift

“Hey ASE. Here’s a couple of pictures of my new MD6XP scissor lift. It works great. Thanks for everything.”Notice how there are two boards on either side of the car lift. This is done sometimes to allow you to drive low profile cars over and onto the lift when the automobile is too low and … Continue reading “Mid-Rise Lift”

Parking Lift

My PL7 Parking Lift!The PL-7000XR car lift by Bend Pak is a handy piece of garage equipment. It immediately doubles your parking space, freeing up valuable garage floor space. Which actually will save you money in the long run, when you consider the cost of putting your car in storage, or adding on to your … Continue reading “Parking Lift”

Single Post Lift

“Love my lift!”Now that’s a tight fit. But it fits. And that’s all that matters. The BendPak single post lift is space saving car storage lift that boasts a stout column on one side that is capable of supporting cars of up to 6,000 lbs. The benefit of going with this design is it eliminates … Continue reading “Single Post Lift”

LR-60P is Great!

“My LR-60P lift is great. Works super, and what a time saver. I’m telling all my friends to buy one. Thanks!”This low rise pad lift is perfect for quick access to cars for tire rotations, brake repairs, and body work. It comes in handy for so many purposes, that it has become crossed over and … Continue reading “LR-60P is Great!”