Air Bag Jacks

If you need a jack for a certain, hard to match duty, then an air bag jack might be for you.
These jacks are for situations where more traditional Automotive Jack types just are not suitable. Perhaps because you’re not on level ground, or not on a solid flat, hard surface. Maybe your out in the field, where there is no pavement, on a sandy surface or surface with vegetation. Maybe you’ve been off-road in a four wheel drive vehicle and the truck or SUV strayed from the path and you need to service it, or just lift it enough to reposition it to help get it back on the road.
These are the same air jacks that Firefighters use to help extricate victims of car accidents.
The main component that goes into these jacks is Kevlar. This is an extremely strong and durable material that is puncture resistant and can withstand the powerful forces of high psi air pressure being pumped into it. Capacity ranges up to 70 tons.
There are several different sizes to choose from. You will want to get the optional accessories with it if you don’t already have them. These include a safety relief valve, air hose and industrial nipple with valve.

Air Bag JacksAir Jack