Latest Ad In PTEN Magazine

This is yet another installment of our trade magazine advertisements. We began posting our trade publication ads several posts ago and found that readers were interested in seeing more of them. As mentioned in an earlier post, we have been advertising in various trade magazines for many years now, and our reach has been widespread. The latest publication is Professional Tool & Equipment News. We have only been appearing in their publication for a few months now, and we have been getting fantastic results. Professional Tool & Equipment News is one of the premier Automotive Technician reference magazine when it comes to shop tools and equipment. Their circulation is audited by an outside independent agency and is confirmed to be over 100,000 each month. Their website gets over 80,000 visits per month. They feature information on new tools and articles to help technicians and shop owners work more efficiently and choose the best tools and equipment for their application.  The new ad includes some of our most popular products, including an Automotive Lift, air compressor, floor jack, welder, parts washer and more. Just click on the link below to view the latest ad in PTEN –