Auto Shop Owners – Dealing With Repeat Problems

Repeat  problems can be a big hassle for many auto shop owners. All shops see them. But how do you deal with them? How you deal with them is the most important factor in retaining your loyal customers. After all, you risk your customers seeing you as unwilling to repair a problem, or worse yet,  incompetant. If you don’t resolve the issue fast, you will not only lose that customer, you will likely lose many other potential customers due to word of mouth.

Always treat a comeback as a priority. Never tell the customer that they’ll have to wait until another job gets done first. remember, they were there before the current customer.

Follow up with the customer the very next day after you have resolved the problem. Don’t wait later than that or you’ll forget. You’ll be amazed at how much goodwill it builds with the customer. It shows that you really care about them.

Take care to document all actions taken. This can aid you in continued  troubleshooting of this problem as well as other problems. Not only that, but it can help you isolate a potential common problem. Perhaps  you received a bad batch of auto parts from a supplier. Perhaps you have a technician who is performing a task improperly, and needs re-training. Good record keeping will help you determine it more quickly, saving you time and money.

And ultimately, isn’t that the bottom line?

Car Lift Technician