Barrett Jackson Auction at Mohegan Sun Arena – June 2016

The 2016 Barrett Jackson auction at Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, CT was a huge success. And our own ASE staff had an all access pass to this inaugural 3 day event. This was the first of at least 4 more auto auctions to come to the Mohegan Sun facilities, and based on the record crowds, there will surely be many more after that. It was a huge hit on TV, with record viewership on the Discovery and Velocity Channel.

Mohegan Sun Arena Prestaging Area
Backstage staging area at Barrett Jackson Auto Auction

Barrett Jackson dubs itself as the world’s greatest collector car auction, and is definitely one of the largest and most popular auto auctions in the industry. This event was a quick sellout, and boasted record attendance at over 90,000 patrons , which was more than any other event ever held at the Mohegan Sun facilities. There were also over 1,700 attendees bidding on automobiles, with a total purse of over 26 million for over 500 vehicles sold.

A nice by-product of this auction were the funds donated to charity, with over $600,000 going to various charitable causes. One of those cars was a Shelby GT-H prototype that went for $150,000, with the proceeds going toward the Carroll Shelby foundation.

If you’re in to classic cars,  exotic autos, or just unique vehicles, this was the place to be in the northeast from the 3 day range of June 23rd to 25th. Most any type of collectible car was there, from US made muscle cars , to European standards, and some amazing prototype and concept cars.

Some of the more notable sales were –

1970 Plymouth Hemi Superbird – $330,000

1969 Chevy Corvette – $624,000

1969 Ford Mustang Boss 439 Fastback $346,000

1969 Ferarri GT – $330,000

2005 Ford GT Custom Coupe – $253,000

1998 Lamborghini Diablo – $236,000

We were there for all the festivities and with our back stage passes, and we were able to obtain for you some exclusive footage that we are processing now. We are producing a video that will demonstrate the highlights, and show you some of the best footage on location from the VIP areas of the show.

But for now, we thought you would like to see some pictures from the show.

Stacy with Richard Rawlings
Our very own Stacy caught up with Richard Rawlings from Gas Monkey Garage backstage after he had just successfully auctioned off his 1989 Lamorghini Countach.


Brian Lockhart with Hemi Superbird
Owner of ASE, Brian Lockhart, with one of the more valuable cars at the show, the Plymouth Hemi Superbird.


Classic Car Prep Area at Barrett Jackson Mohegan Sun
Automobile prep area. This is where the cars were prepared before going on-stage.


Mohegan Sun Arena - Barrett Jackson Collector Car Auction
The Mohegan Sun Arena was sold out, and had a standing room only crowd.

UPDATE  – Check out our video of this event below –