Bend Pak Lift Engineering

Excellence in Engineering
BendPak has an engineering staff of seven full time engineers who constantly design, test, and evaluate automotive lifts. BendPak lifts have evolved and changed over the course of the past 40 years not because they had to, but because they are always improving the design and structural stability of their lifts to stay ahead of the pack. At first glance, many competitor’s Auto Lifts look “engineered”, but what happens when you look a little deeper? All BendPak Lift designs are computer modeled for structural integrity and functionality and then undergo simulated axial and applied forces, bending, and much more using  top FEA programs. After the design and structural integrity is determined to be sound, they proceed with actual physical testing. How many other manufacturers are this careful about their lift designs? Answer is – not many.
There is only one true national lift standard for safety and quality  ‐ OSHA endorsed ANSI/ALI ALCTV‐2006. If you don’t see any reference to this standard when another lift manufacturer talks about their lifts, then ask yourself, “is saving a few extra dollars on a non certified lift really worth the loss in safety”? BendPak lifts do offer value, but more importantly, they offer peace of mind.

BendPak Lifts