BendPak Lifts Offer Quality and Affordability

Customers looking for a top quality car lift would do well to check out our two post lifts, four post lifts and more specialty lifts by BendPak. Bendpak has been manufacturing automotive shop equipment for over 40 years. We have been carrying their products for over 14 years. We get tremendous feedback on their products. Most of their two post and four post models are ALI certified, which means they meet or exceed many of the minimum standards any lift must meet in order to be sold within the United States of America and that they were tested by the recognised authority on lifts, the Automotive Lift Institute. Most lifts aren’t ALI certified, so it means a lot when you are. Features will exceed the typical lifts on the market and the warranty will as well. Parts are always available, even on old, discontinued models. When it comes to automotive lifts, truck lifts and even tube benders, you can’t go wrong by choosing a BendPak Lift. Plus, they are actually quite affordable for a high-end, high volume commercial quality lift. We will explore other manufacturers in subsequent posts. Contact us today to see what’s available.