BendPak Scissor Alignment Lift

If you’ve been shopping around for scissor alignment lifts lately, you may have gotten a sudden case of sticker shock. It doesn’t take long to see that the major lift manufacturers charge an arm and a leg for these things. You’ll be lucky to get away with paying only $20,000.
But don’t worry. There’s a big name automotive lift manufacturer out there that makes a Scissor Alignment Lift that is affordable, but maintains a high level of quality.
BendPak has been manufacturing automotive and truck lifts for over 40 years now, and we have been selling them for over 14 years. They are one of the top names in the lift business. So when they came out with their scissor alignment lift, we knew it was going to be a hit. They always manufacture state of the art products at a very reasonable price.
It’s got all the features of those so called “premium” brand lifts, but at a much more affordable price.
It saves space over the typical four post alignment lift. It has an open center so you can easily enter and egress from between the runways. It has the best pump in the industry and four precision engineered hydraulic cylinders for reliable function. It features a multi-position automatic leveling system. There are dual automatic safety locks. It has two turnplates up front, and full floating slip plates in the rear. It also has extra long, telescoping approach ramps so that you can drive lower profile cars on there without bottoming out.
Plus it’s got BendPak’s generous 1 year parts and labor warranty. Typically on most economy brands, you find they offer a 1 year parts only warranty.
Rolling jacks are sold separately.
This is a great alternative to those pricey brand name lifts out there, where you’re paying for a name. It’s also a significant step up from the economy brands out there, who leave you high and dry when it comes to reliability and warranty. Check it out and see what it’s all about today.

Scissor Alignment Lift