BendPak Two Post Lift Dimensional Drawings Now Available

We have always provided a specification chart for our BendPak Two Post Lifts, and it was very helpful. But to really determine which car lift will be suitable for their application, many customers wanted more. Well, now we’ve got just what you wanted. This can be important to determine if a specific vehicle will fit on, or under it, and if it will fit in your garage. It will also help you determine the best placement for your lift. It’s A dimensional drawing that provides all of the key dimensions that everybody wants. Overall height, overall width, sure, but much, much more. The dimensional drawings include width between the columns, the length that the arms will telescope out to, the lifting height with the shortest and the tallest adapters, the lowered pad height, drive through clearance and more. That’s what BendPak is all about. Giving you everything you need to make your life easier.

BendPak XPR10ACX Two Post Lift Dimensions

1 thought on “BendPak Two Post Lift Dimensional Drawings Now Available

  1. I am looking to use your two post lift to support our submerged arc welding equipment
    and 18 ft track beam, however I need some dimensional drawings of your lift son that I can make a decision as to its use for this application. Since there would be a canteliver mounting of our fixture track weighting 1000 lbs we feel a lift capable of handling a 10,000 lb vehicle would be a little oversize but better for stability of our application.
    Trusting dimensional drawings are available.

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