Car Collector Appreciation Day

Many of our customers are car collectors. Classic cars, muscle cars, Fords, GM, foreign cars, you name it, there’s a collector who specializes in it. They dote on their cars like a father would a child. Storing it up on their Four Post Lift, and bringing it down for special events, and car shows. Collectors are a very dedicated group. They love their cause and follow it closely. So it only stands to reason that there should be a day set aside for car collectors.
The Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) and other industry groups, along with the US Senate resolution 513 have deemed July 8th, 2011 “Collector Car Appreciation Day”. This is the second year of this special annual event and it is hoped that it will raise awareness of the trade and all it’s followers. Furthermore, they expect this to support the craft by advocating for the cause in every way possible, along with educating others on the importance of the culture and historical importance.
If you are planning a significant event that reinforces Car Collecting, restoration, and the automotive hobbies, then you can notify the SEMA Action Network at 202-783-6007, and help spread the word.