Homes For Our Troops – A Worthy Cause

What better time of year than the Easter holiday to donate to Homes For Our Troops? We’ve told you about this very worthy charity before. And we’re going to continue to tell people about it for as long as there’s a need for it. We’ve been supporting them for many years now because the cause … Continue reading “Homes For Our Troops – A Worthy Cause”

Modern Automobile Safety Systems

Even Henry Ford would be amazed at the modern vehicle. We’ve come a long way from the early days, when there were no comforts of the modern car, not even a roof or windshield. But the modern vehicle is still leaps ahead of top of the line cars made just a decade ago. Due to … Continue reading “Modern Automobile Safety Systems”

The Ethanol Debate

In a seemingly futile attempt to decrease the amount of fuel Americans burn each year, the government has increased the allowed percentage of Ethanol in gasoline. The maximum percentage mixture previously was 10 percent. This caused all kinds of problems especially for small engines as it ruins components such as seals, gaskets and hoses. Engine manufacturers … Continue reading “The Ethanol Debate”

Gas Prices Reaching The Tipping Point

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock lately, you’ve most likely noticed that fuel prices at the pump have been steadily increasing. Some folks blame it on the problems in the middle east. Others blame it on “greedy oil companies”. Others site the cause as being related to the simple rule of supply and demand. … Continue reading “Gas Prices Reaching The Tipping Point”

Toyota To Shut Down American Plants

The earthquake in Japan has caused industry experts to lower their ratings for Toyota. In the wake of this, along with the anemic economy, and the  recall issues last year, Toyota can’t seem to catch a break. They just announced plans to shutdown their North American plants. Toyota claims the parts shortage due to the disaster in … Continue reading “Toyota To Shut Down American Plants”

Last Chance for First Quarter Pricing

We notified you on previous posts that several of our manufacturers were having price increases starting April 1st. This is just a friendly reminder that this Thursday, March 31st is your last chance to get in at 1st quarter pricing. We feel confident you won’t see these prices ever again. Every single manufacturer we carry has … Continue reading “Last Chance for First Quarter Pricing”

Auto Manufacturers Using Alternative Refrigerants

The quest to find an alternative AC refrigerant for automotive Air conditioning systems is growing legs as GM is the latest auto manufacturer to announce that it will be using a new refrigerant, HF-1234yf,  in many of their main auto models. The move is going to happen in 2013, as numerous models will make the shift, including … Continue reading “Auto Manufacturers Using Alternative Refrigerants”

Your Auto Shop Garage And Liability

Auto shop owners and car dealership service department heads have a major consideration when it comes to liability insurance. There are the obvious coverages that you will purchase on your liability policy, such as incidents that happen on the premises, whether it be damage to a customers vehicle caused by a careless service technician, or … Continue reading “Your Auto Shop Garage And Liability”

The Japan Disaster And The Auto Industry

The disaster in Japan has widespread repercussions for the citizens in that country, and our hearts go out to all affected. But the effects go far beyond the borders of Japan. This event has far reaching ramifications for the economy, including the automotive industry. Of course you have the major car manufacturers, Honda, Toyota, and … Continue reading “The Japan Disaster And The Auto Industry”