New More Strict Proposal For Burning Waste Oil

If you are an auto shop owner who has a waste oil heater and uses it to save money on both disposing of your waste oil, along with saving money on when it comes to heating your shop, you may want to pay attention to this story, because it could affect your bottom line dramatically.
The Environmental Protection Agency recently considered a proposal for new rules regarding the burning of waste oil. The proposal is considering whether the fuels are considered solid waste or not and the answer to that question could have huge ramifications for the automotive industry. If they waste fuels are defined as solid waste, under the RCRA act, (Resource Conservation & Recovery Act) then any combustion unit that burns it will be required to meet more strict emissions standards. The EPA is proposing requirements on air emissions for Industrial, Commercial and institutional boilers and process heaters under CAA rulings for waste incineration units.
Given the onerous costs and regulations that small automotive shops must meet, any new rulings of this type could have a burdensome impact on profits. Many shop owners in colder climates rely on waste oil heaters as a secondary or even primary source of heat. When service technicians have an automobile up on the Auto Lift, they need to be comfortable in order to remain productive. The government authorities have to weigh the impact of these units on the environment along with the impact on the shop owner’s bottom line.

What do you think? Should the waste oil burners that auto shops use be required to pass more strict emissions standards?

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