Inverter vs Transformer Technology For Plasma Cutters

Thermal Dynamics has a new line of plasma cutters that need to be seen to be believed.
You should know Thermal Dynamics for their welders and Plasma Cutters and other similar type equipment. They are also a well known industrial company who has been a recognized leader in the industry for decades. Their products are top of the line.
So when they came out with their new line of plasma cutters, utilizing the latest state-of-the-art inverter technology, we knew they hit a home run.
Why are the  Thermal Dynamics plasma cutters so special? Let’s put aside the rugged roll cage construction that will defend your plasma cutter from the worst abuse you can dish out.
And we won’t dwell on the Pilot arc drag torch system that will allow you to cut painted and rusted surfaces without surface preparation.
We won’t mention the stop start feature allows you to cut grates  or chain link without having to restart. And it has an auto pilot restart which will make your job much quicker.
Those are just side features compared to the main selling point. Inverter technology. No one feature carries more importance than inverter technology. What does having an inverter in your plasma cutter mean? Well, first it’s much smaller and lighter, meaning your plasma cutter will be significantly smaller and lighter. It will also run less hot. This means you could expect greater longevity out of it. You get a better duty cycle with longer running times. You would also be able to expect better quality cutting and significantly less distortion.
They have three different models to choose from for a wide range of cutting needs, from sheet metal all the way up to 1.5 inches.
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Thermal Dynamics Plasma Cutter