Dannmar Brigadier Two Post Lifts Are Now ALI Certified

Dannmar made a Major announcement today about their popular Brigadier line of their two post lifts. As of now, all Dannmar Brigadier D-10 Two Post Lifts are ALI Certified.
This is huge news. When an Automotive Lift is ALI Certified, it means that it meets the most strict standards for safety and quality, and that it was tested in the industry respected ETL testing labs.
We’ve been carrying the Dannmar car lifts for many years now and we have always known about their high standards for quality and safety, but ALI Certification is a game changer. When a lift is ALI Certified, it lifts the status to a premium lift. Many municipalities, corporations and government agencies who purchase auto lifts won’t even consider a lift if it’s not ALI Certified. They have a rigorous testing process, which includes a variety of load bearing, hydraulic and electrical standards tests. The lifts will come with the ALI Gold Standard stickers featured prominently on the post.
While it is now considered a premium lift, it still has a very reasonable price. As a matter of fact, we suspect that there probably isn’t an ALI Certified two post lift out there that costs less. We haven’t checked everywhere, but we doubt one exists. That’s pretty impressive.

Lyle Warnagieris, Dannmar Supply Chain Manager said, “The ALI Certification testing takes some time to complete, which is why everybody knows it’s so thorough. We always knew that our lifts were safe and dependable, but we’re thrilled to have the backing of the Automotive Lift Institute to prove it,”

ALI contracts Interteck Testing Services (ETL), a worldwide testing organization recognized in the US by the Department of Labor and OSHA as a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) to fully manage the program in accordance with the Program Procedural Guide.For more information on ALI Safety and Testing, check out the ETL Laboratories web site. For more information about our Dannmar Two Post Lifts, click on the link.

Dannmar Two Post Lift