Flying Car Cleared For Takeoff

We mentioned the Terrafugia flying car in a previous post. At that time, they had completed research and development and were seeking approval for use in the USA. News just came out that the flying car has been approved for use in the USA.

Just in time too. Traffic is increasing every year. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has cleared the car for production, and the Terrafugia should begin production soon, and should begin distributing them in 2012.

This is also great news for the local economy in Massachusetts, where the plant that manufactures them is located. The hybrid road / aircraft has stipulations set forth by the NHTSA.  This aircraft is the first of it’s kind in many ways. It meets many requirements that no other has when it comes to highway / air travel. Most notable are the requirements that require tires that are suitable for highway speeds and a windshield that is shatterproof to prevent catastrophe from potentially flying through a flock of birds.

The wings fold up in about a minute when you’re ready for road travel. It has airbags for driver and passenger airbags, which might come in handy in road travel, but may not be quite as helpful when traveling by air.

Initial estimates for pricing by the manufacturer indicate that they expect this to hit the market at about $250,000. Obviously, budget is not the only reason most consumers will not be placing an order for one anytime soon. You’ll need a valid pilot’s license as well. We’re also not quite sure how you’ll fit one on a car lift when it needs to be serviced.

Flying Car