Free Roll Around Stool with Every MaxJax Two Post Lift

The MaxJax portable Two Post Lift by Dannmar has had tremendous popularity in the short time it’s been around.
We’ve been carrying Dannmar two post and four post lifts for about seven or eight years now, but the MaxJax car lift has only been around for about a year and a half. In that time frame, it has grown to become one of our most popular lifts. Why? That’s easy, because it meets a certain need that no other lift on the market does. It provides a home / hobby customer with all of the features and capabilities of a traditional two post lift (except the lifting height), yet it does not have to be permanently mounted to your floor. It is designed to be easily and quickly dismounted from the floor, so that you can roll it away and store it in the corner of your garage when not in use. This frees up valuable garage floor space that you don’t want cluttered up with obstructions.
One of the other reasons customers prefer this lift to other types of car lifts is when they desire the features of a two post lift, but their ceiling is not tall enough. Most two post lifts, even those made for shorter ceiling heights, are over typically over 9 feet tall. Some customers may only have an 8 foot ceiling, enough to raise a vehicle several feet to work on it, but not enough for a full rise, standard two post lift. Before the MaxJax came out, people had to get a different type of car lift, maybe a mid rise scissor lift, or a low rise pad lift. And those types of lifts don’t offer complete access to the vehicle.
Now, with the MaxJax Lift, you can have your cake and eat it too. You get a fully functioning two post lift that allows you complete access to the underside of the vehicle, will fit under a lower ceiling, and that is also portable.
This lift is currently on sale, plus, for a limited time, with the purchase of a MaxJax Two Post Lift, we are offering a Free roll around shop floor seat, so that you can comfortably service your vehicle while under it.
There has been, and will be no better time to invest in this innovative auto lift.

MaxJax Two Post Lift Rolling Shop Seat