Hemmings Motor News Gets Two Post Car Lift

Customers always express an interest on where they can see our car lifts. One notable customer is the leading car enthusiast publication; Hemmings Motor News. They knew where to go when they needed a two post lift for their HMN classic car facilities in Bennington, VT. They chose a BendPak XPR10-ACX Two Post Lift, which is our most popular model. When you have the premier car enthusiast magazine endorsing you and your product, you know you’re doing something right.

Said Greg Gordon from Hemmings, “When we decided to convert a section of the Hemmings classic car museum into a functioning shop, one of first pieces of equipment on our list was a lift, and we needed it to be reliable. Bend Pak lifts appealed to us because of the company’s commercial garage experience and when Automotive Service Equipment directed us the model XP10ACX  we felt we had found the right unit. Our lift was professionally installed and we were extremely impressed with the quality of the unit.
We’ve been using he lift for a few years now and it’s serving us very well, providing exactly what we’ve  been looking for. Thank you ASE for helping us to choose the perfect fit for our application.”