Huge BendPak Two Post Lift Sale is pleased to announce a new sale effective October 1st for a limited time. Our most popular BendPak Lift models are currently on sale and will be for a limited time. All of our XPR10 two post lift models are on sale right now at over $130 off their regular price. There is no better time to purchase one of the best two post lifts in the industry. You know when you say to yourself, “I’m waiting for the right time”? Well now is that time! You will not get a better chance to get these lifts at a lower price.
We’ve got the XPR-10AC, which is the asymmetric, narrow model at $2700. Then there’s the XPR-10ACX for only $2705. This is the extra wide asymmetric lift. If you’ve got the floor space, we strongly recommend the extra wide model. It just makes life a whole lot easier opening your doors wider to get in and out of the vehicle after you’ve parked the car between the posts. It also makes it easier working around the vehicle while it’s on the lift, and it makes it easier to get at the wider vehicle jacking points too. Don’t forget, the BendPak asymmetric models have the ability to position the vehicle symmetric if you need to balance it out. It’s like having two lifts in one. BendPak does have symmetric car lift models as well. The XPR-10CX is the extra wide symmetric lift. It is currently on sale at $2700. Having a wide model when getting a symmetric lift is such a huge benefit, because symmetric lifts don’t allow you to open the doors on the car very much. The extra wide model gives you 6.5 extra inches on each side.
And remember, shipping is FREE to any commercial address within the 48 states as long as it’s accessible for a freight truck. Or, for you home hobbyists who don’t have a way to unload it from the delivery truck, you can pick it up at your local freight carrier’s terminal near you, like Yellow Freight, or Conway Freight. They will load it into your truck or trailer, and then when you get it home, you can unbundle it and take it off piece by piece.
Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. This sale won’t last long.

BendPak Two Post Lift